Version 1.2 released

I found a little bit of time to work on Lazy-K Gallery, so I’m releasing version 1.2. Here’s what I’ve worked on:

  • Prettied up the thumbnail view and cleaned up CSS
  • Changed the way thumbnail sizes are calculated to improve layout
  • Added ability to show filenames on thumbnail and slide pages
  • Provided ability to link (or not link to) full-size images
  • Cleaned up admin page
  • Added confirmation before restoring default options

Take a look at the options page, since I’ve added a few features you might want to consider.

I’d recommend taking a look at your thumbnail size, since I’ve changed the layout of the thumbnail pages. I thought the thumbnails page looked the best when all thumbnails are the same height, regardless of whether the photos are landscape or portrait mode. Personally, I now use 200 x 80 as my thumbnail size. I’d recommend that you change your thumbnail size, delete all your thumbnail folders, and let them rebuild (for the best results). Sorry I don’t have an automated way of clearing those thumbnails yet. If I release a script that deletes that many files, I want to make sure it’s working perfectly.

For those of you concerned with bandwidth, you can now stop linking to the full-resolution images.

Once again, if anyone has any suggestions for improvement, feel free to share.

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