Version 1.3.1 available – new link!

Oops! A reader pointed out that I had not updated my download link. Visit the Lazy-K Gallery page to download the latest update.

One Response to “Version 1.3.1 available – new link!”

  1. Hi Korey,

    Great plugin you wrote, but I have a question:

    Is there any possibility to include some describing text to an image, which is then placed below the thumbnail/slide?

    For instance, in bigger galleries showing some people from an event it would be nice to have some text included who is on the picture. My idea now is just to place a textfile of the same name with a short description in the same directory as the image file itself. The content of the textfile is then displayed below the thumbnail/the slide.

    E.G. image1.jpg , image1.desc would first display the image and below then the text.