Example Post with a Subgallery

This post includes what I call a “subgallery”. Basically, it’s just a subset of my full gallery, starting at a given directory. This subgallery starts in the “Animals” directory of my gallery.

Notice there’s no way to navigate higher in the gallery than the “Animals” folder. Also, I can put this subgallery in a page. Using this feature, you can effectively have multiple galleries on one site, or show just a subset of your full gallery (perhaps just the latest folder you uploaded, etc.)

To include this subgallery, I put the following tag in my post:

One Response to “Example Post with a Subgallery”

  1. Kate says:

    Hya Korey,

    Many thanks for the gallery! Its not laid out like yours but at least its there. I need to send up bigger images as I just tested with size around 100px for now.
    I still have to credit you on the page.
    Thanks very much!