Version 1.4 – sorting options and bug fixes

Well, I’ve been trying to make time to get this version out for the past several weeks, but it’s the busy time of year.

Tonight I’m releasing version 1.4, which adds the ability to sort your thumbnails and subfolders either by name or modified date.
I also fixed an issue in the cache manager with photos in the root of the gallery, changed the cache manager to delete slide and thumbnail folders (not just their contents) and fixed an issue with comment number reporting.

There were quite a few code changes, basically some cleanup and bug fixes, and I decided to go ahead and release this version now. There’s getting to be quite a lot of testing that needs to be done to release a new version, but I didn’t have an awful lot of time to test this release. I am also working on putting together a public document listing all the testing required for this plugin in order to formalize the process and also allow others to test on their sites if they’d like to.

One note about the sorting, for now I’m just using the server’s “modified time” for date sorting, and I’m requiring the gallery administrator to specify the sort order on the options page. I had a number of requests for date sorting, but this is just my first attempt. I’ll add more features later, like using the create date and the EXIF date read from inside the file and allowing the website visitor to choose their sorting on the fly, but I wanted to get some feedback on this setup first.

Visit the Lazy-K Gallery page to download this version.

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