Lazy-K Gallery version 1.0.1 ready

Based on some early feedback on Lazy-K Gallery I quickly made some changes to version 1.0. Will pointed out that my gallery’s output didn’t pass XHTML Transitional (man, I can’t believe I didn’t check that…) and that I neglected to say that you need to CHMOD your images directory to 755. My host was doing that for me automatically.

I made a quick change to the output HTML in order to write out proper IMG elements. The gallery still doesn’t pass XHTML Transitional however, because WordPress’s wpautop function automatically wraps each paragraph in your page with paragraph tags. I use DIV tags in the gallery HTML, so it doesn’t pass validation since you can’t have a div inside a paragraph.

I see a few possible solutions. One it to make the gallery be the only thing on the page (deleting any other content on the page). Another is to disable the wpautop function for the gallery page or have the gallery remove its surrounding paragraph tags. Yet another would be to take the DIV’s out of the gallery HTML, but I need to be able to use SOME block level element. I want to retain the flexibility of allowing the gallery as just a portion of the page, so I’ve got some experimenting to do.

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